Jump N' Funk presents:

Rich Medina (Jump N Funk, NYC)
Dave Cambell, Mike Tull
Son Of S.O.U.L., iDRUM Afro-Percussion
Red Hot + Africa video viewing

Friday, October 11, 2002
Roxy Blu:12 Brant St., Toronto

$10 advance tickets available at:
Sim and Jones (388 College St.),
Mothership (831 Queen St. W.), Kops (229 Queen St. W),
Play De Record (357A Yonge St.), Vice (383 Queen St. W.),
Cosmos (607 Queen St. W.), Rotate This (620 Queen St. W.),
Metropolis (162 Spadina Ave.), Soundscapes (572 College St.)

Hot Stepper Productions is proud to present a Bump N' Hustle collaboration with New York City's premier Afro-Funk champions the Jump N' Funk posse in presenting the album launch party of RED HOT + RIOT and celebrating Fela's birthday (October 15, 1938). CLICK HERE for the Flash Card and read below for more info!

RED HOT + RIOT is a Fela Kuti tribute project which includes mind blowing collaborations with diverse artists such as Sade,Gab and Lateef of Blackalicious,The Remedies,Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Jorge Ben and Bilal, Mixmaster Mike, D'Angelo, Femi Kuti, Macy Gray and the Soultronics, Nile Rodgers and Roy Hargrove, MeShell Ndegeocello and Yerba Buena feat. Ron Blake, Common and Djelimady Tounkara, Cheikh Lo, Les Nubians and Manu Dibango, Bugz in the Attic feat. Wummi, RES, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Baaba Maal, Positive Black Soul and Archie Shepp, Kelis (track produced by Toronto's Doc and backed by Graph Nobel), Yerba Buena, Baaba Maal, and Taj Mahal feat. Kaouding Cissoko who have come together to record a floor-shaking tribute to the late Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. New York Times describes it as, "Afrobeat meets new American funk, and the seams connecting them are exposed."

Proceeds from the the sale of the CD, the latest in the Red Hot Organization's well-branded charitable collaborations, will benefit Red Hot's continued efforts in the fight against AIDS in Africa.

Advance discounted copies of the CD's will be on sale at the party by Red Hot reps who will be here from NYC to see how Toronto gets down as well as a screening of the making of Red Hot and Africa. Fela footage will also be shown through the night.

Please represent the fight against AIDS in Africa by purchasing a copy of the CD and telling your friends!

Rich Medina's Bio:

Poet, DJ, producer, performer and model, Rich Medina has emerged from the underground who's who to the world of legitimate mass appeal and accomplishment. Rich holds weekly DJ residencies in both Philadelphia and New York spinning hip-hop, house, neuvo soul, classic funk, rare grooves and afro beat to name a few. His house music and classic dance sets are reminiscent of The Paradise Garage. As a lounge DJ, whether with neuvo soul or classic funk, there are not many who dig deeper for the ultimate in obscure vinyl bombs. Rich still manages to find time to host and co-own his own Internet radio show, The Dime Sack on Mediabureau.com as well as model for ECKO Unlimited. Rich co-produced a track on Jill Scott's debut album "Who is Jill Scott?" and contributes spoken word on the following new releases due out between May - Aug. 2002: "Reality" single w/ DJ Spinna - Wonder Wax Records, "Dance For Life" w/ Shukie and Phillipe Lussane, "Minstrel Speak" w/ Kemeticjust - Diaspora Records. Rich's entrepreneurial efforts include building Footwork Illadelph with partner and friend Bobbito Garcia in 1997 which provided the most comprehensive hip-hop forum Philadelphia has ever seen.

Dave Campbell Bio:

With the dance floor as his canvas, the turntables his brush, the records his paint, Dave Campbell blends songs and styles as the great painters blend colors, creating an enchanting, interactive dance gallery with every performance. As club goers responds to the beat barrage, his desire to take them higher becomes a personal challenge that always culminates in everyone's satisfaction. Yet the 18-year DJ veteran is still seeking to perform the perfect mix, the perfect display of music mastery.His passion for music can be witnessed at every performance. Dave weaves multiple music genres such as R & B, Reggae, House, Old School, Disco, Rare Groove, English Soul, Jazz Vibes, Hip Hop, Soca, and Afro Latin grooves into the mix.Dave has performed in Jamaica, the Philippines, Los Angeles, New York, Europe and virtually every major and not so major Canadian City. Some of those environments have been legendary institutions in Toronto such as the Twilight Zone, Kremlin Thursdays, The Cameron House, Maple Leaf Gardens, Skydome, Guvernment and for the last 6 years, he can be found at Fluid's "Candy Land Thursdays". Over the years he's performed with Kid Capri (also an inspiration), opening and closing parties for the Toronto Film Festival including the Planet Africa functions 4 years running, Bump N' Hustle, CANFAR, Fashion Cares, Pride Blocko' Party, 8-Ball, Elite Models, Artist Groups and Voices Carry, to name a few. He's received awards such as 1996 House DJ of the Year and CANFAR's Outstanding Contribution to Aids Research Plaque for his ongoing musical support to their organization.He's toured with Usher and The Lost Boyz, Busta Rhymes, performed at SEAL's after party in Montreal, Wesley Snipes media party, the Chicago Bulls after party featuring Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, and a host of other after party and support engagements.For 10 years, Dave provided on air music and DJ services for MuchMusic's Da Mix featuring Master T, Canada's #1 Urban Music Video Show. Based on the strength of that relationship, Dave was asked to contribute to Quality Music's record setting Dance Mix CDs with Master T, by touring Canada extensively, provided mixes for some tracks and performed the music as well as appeared in the Internationally distributed TV Commercial.

Mike Tull Bio:

Founding Bump N' Hustle DJ Mike Tull rocks a diverse mix of music into a tasty soul stew. Former co-host with other founding Bump N' Hustle ressie Paul E Lopes (www.paulelopes.com) of ground breaking CIUT Vibes N' Stuff radio show, Mike currently put his archival knowledge of everything that makes a dancefloor bounce or other wise puts a smile on the discerning beat tasters face to much needed use as music buyer and manager for HMV here in Toronto. Mike has shared the bill as part of Hot Stepper's DJ crew with the likes of Gwen McCrae, UFO, Gilles Peterson, ?uestlove, Amon Tobin, The Herbaliser, Sylk 130, N'Dea Davenport, Roy Ayers, Zapp and Roger Troutman and many more.

The iDRUM afro percussion boys have rocked our jamz for a long enough time to infect our bodies like some kind of drug and demonstrate to anyone with two ears and two feet that just gotta have 'em in the jawn if you think your going to put on a serious boogie down. iDRUM takes the beats both backwards to the origins and forward to compliment the latest styles totally on point to work the floor into an impassioned frenzy. Adding to the club clean up crew's post party mopping up workload iDRUM is a major contributer to that rare meteorological effect known locally as warehouse rain.

DJ Son Of S.O.U.L.

Original breaks stylist Masimba aka Son Of S.O.U.L. breaks out the funky 45's and 12's to kick off the party in fine style. A regular at the 416 GRAF expo and many other hip hop and soul boy/girl haunts we welcome him to his long overdue Bump n' Hustle debut.

About Fela Kuti:
Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997). Fela was known in his homeland as the father of Afrobeat, the people's unofficial "Black President," and as a man who stood up to the brutal military dictatorships of Nigeria from the early 70's until his death in the late 90's. He died of AIDS in '97, a fact still widely denied among Nigerian youths who cannot believe their hero was struck down by this invisible but deadly disease. AIDS is no longer invisible on the African continent: it has become an inescapable reality. Over 36 million people in the world have HIV/AIDS; over 25 million live in sub-Sahara Africa.

About the AIDS epidemic in Africa:
Although AIDS has spread worldwide, southern Africa continues to be the worst affected area of the globe. In nations burdened by social, political and economic struggle, the epidemic impacts human welfare, development and social stability on an unprecedented scale:
- AIDS is killing Africans
- 40 million people have HIV/AIDS. Over 70% live in sub-Saharan Africa
- In many African countries, 1 in 4 adults are HIV+
- An estimated 55 million Africans will die from AIDS over the next 20 years.
- 95% of HIV+ people lack access to proper medication
- In sub-Saharan Africa over 11 million children have been orphaned by AIDS
- In the time it takes to listen to RED HOT + RIOT, 150 Africans will become infected with HIV/AIDS. Knowing the basic facts is one way to help change these socio-economic repercussions of HIV/AIDS.

About the Contributors:
The Creation of the Red Hot + Riot tour was made possible through the synergy between different innovative companies who volunteered their time, energies and talent to make this a successful venture. Companies who truly believe that "Music is the Power fo the People" (Fela) and that the fight against the AIDS epidemic in Africa is something worth standing up for.

Red Hot: The Red Hot Organization is the leading international organization dedicated to fighting AIDS through popular culture. Their efforts have raised millions of dollars, and awareness for HIV and AIDS relief worldwide. Red Hot + Riot is the 14th release in the acclaimed Red Hot benefit series.

MCA Records, Red Hot's partner in the album project, is the label home to Fela Kuti's vast catalog of recordings, as well as those of Fela's son, Femi Kuti, who has recently joined forces with UNICEF as an official ambassador representing Nigeria in the global fight against AIDS.

Jump N Funk is a monthly party in NYC in honor of the late great King of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti and pays tribute to past and present music inspired by Fela. Jump in Funk is organized by Debbie Sealy of ZG Management, Rich Medina & Trevor Schoonmaker of the Fela Project.

Hype! Agency, Inc. is a diversified music marketing company. Creating promotional tours and in-stores, multi-tier marketing plans and consultation for companies and individuals.

Art Nomad Design is a leading flash website and design company based in San Francisco. Art Nomad created the design and concept for the Red Hot + Riot promotional tour material.

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